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Formats for the Individual Disc Golfer

Print out this information to carry with you on the course (pdf)

  • Bingo: Two points scored per hole. Closest to the pin is awarded one point. Player that hits the longest putt is awarded one point. Played just within the group of even ranked players, it is okay to have different sized groups. Payout is just within each grouping, half the pot for most points and half for best score (deters long putt sandbagging). Most points wins.

  • Blind Nine (individual): All players play 18 holes. After round is done, draw 9 random holes that are to be used to calculate your score. For net play use ½ of handicap. Gross and net.

  • Chicago: Players are assigned a point quota based upon their handicap. This quota is subtracted from the player's total points made for the round. Points are awarded based upon gross scores for each hole. Most points wins. Gross scores only.
    Points (gross): Ace: +8 pts / Birdie: +4 pts / Par: +2 pts / Bogey: +1 pt / Dbl Bogey(+):0 pts
    Quota = 18 + handicap Score = Points – Quota

  • Eclectic: Play two 18 hole rounds. Take the best score on each hole from either of the two rounds played and total them up for an 18 hole score. Lowest score wins. Gross & net.

  • Gumbo: You must play 2 shots on your second shot. If you do not hole out on either of your second shots, you play the worse shot of the two. As soon as you hole out you are finished with the hole, if you hole out on any of your second shots your are done with the hole. Gross & net.

  • Mandomonium: Set up a mandatory on every hole. Uses old PDGA mando rules, must unwind if missed the mando (drop zones for missed mandos aren't nearly as much fun). Stroke play. Gross and net.

  • Match Play: Players are paired against each other. Competition is on a per hole basis, if one person has a better score on that hole, he wins the hole and gets 1 point. If they have the same score, they each get a half point, a “wash”. The person who wins the most holes (most points) wins the match, the overall stroke total does not matter. Can also be done on any team format. Gross or net.

  • Mulligan Madness: Buy mulligans in advance for 50 cents each. Use for any shot. Use more than one. Choose your best shot. Gross and net.

  • Mulligan Stew: Buy mulligans in advance for 25cents each. Use only off the tee, can use more than one, must use last shot. You can be “stewed” (they use one of their mulligans to cancel yours) by any person once . You can "stir the pot" (get your extra chance back) by using an additional mulligan of yours. Gross and net.

  • One Person Cali: Each player gets 1 extra shot per hole. Player chooses when to take extra shot. Gross and net.

  • Random Money: Regular stroke play, gross only. Before starting, determine number of players participating and split field in half. Pay the top finishers (1st, 2nd, etc, depending on participation), and pay the top finishers of the bottom half. For example, there are 10 players; you make the cut at the 5th/6th player. Pay 1st and 2nd (top half), and 6th and 7th (best of bottom half). Variation: Draw random scores and play that score or those scores closest to. Play either all gross scores only or all net scores only.

  • Replay: Use the player’s handicap (you can use the full handicap or some portion of; one-half, two-thirds, etc) to give the player that number of mulligans to use during his round at any point on the course. The only condition is you cannot use 2 mulligans for the same shot. You are allowed to use either your original shot or you mulligan shot. Gross scores only.

  • Shamble (individual): Each player drives, the group chooses best shot of all the drives, then each player plays their own disc rest of hole. Most points wins. Net per hole.
    Ace: +3 pts / Birdie: +2 pts / Par: +1 pt / Bogey+: 0 pts

  • Single Disc: Each player uses only one disc the entire round. Variation: you can always use a putter so you are carrying two discs. Gross and net.

  • Stableford: Points are assigned for different scores. Highest score wins. Net per hole.
    Ace: +5 pts / Birdie: + 2 pts / Par: 0 pts / Bogey: -1 pts / Double Bogey+: -3 pts

  • Stroke Play: The basic game. Number of shots it takes to complete the course. Lowest score wins. Gross and net.

  • Texas Shoot Out: Make groups of 5-8 players of comparable ability. Each group plays on it’s own within the group. All players play the hole and the player with the highest score on the hole is eliminated from further play. Ties for worse can be handled either by all ties are eliminated or all ties continue on and no one is eliminated on that hole. Gross or net per hole.

  • Tough Shot (individual): Just like worse shot. You throw two discs, you play the worse one each time. To finish the hole you only have to make one putt. Gross and net.

  • The Wheel: Pick anyone in the field to be your partner. You can pick yourself as your partner, anyone can be picked more than once and just because someone picks you doesn't mean you have to pick them. At the end of the round, compare cards with your partner and determine the best net score for each hole from either card and add up the total to make your round. Net per hole.

  • Worse Shot(individual): You throw two discs, you play the worse one each time. To finish the hole you must make two putts. Gross and net.

  • DORK (Derek's Obscure Really Krazy) FORMAT: Make teams of 3, 4, or 5 people with the skill level spread as evenly as possible among the teams. Scoring is done as an individual event, each person is playing against the entire field. Using the chart below, the people you are grouped with are your partners at various holes. The players in each group are either playing cali or best shot as shown. Score your individual score as your cali score or the teams best shot score on each hole. In order to keep it fair, play as many holes as necessary to have each combination play the same number of holes. During a 5 player DORK, you need to play either 10 or 20 holes. Lowest individual score wins. Gross scores only.
    Print out the offical DORK table to use during your event (two tables are provided on each sheet).
    Each group will need a table to know how to play the hole they are on.
    Example - 3 player DORK - (please reference the offical DORK table for 3 player DORK). Hole #1 players A & B are playing best shot together and each player records their team best shot score as their own score for that hole; player C is playing cali style separately. Hole #4 all 3 players are a best shot team and each player records the team score as their own score for the hole. Hole #9 each player is playing cali on their own.