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What is a bag tag challenge?

How does it work?

There are a whole list of rules, but basically, a bag tag challenge consists of many individuals buying numbered tags to display on their disc golf bags. The object is to work your way to the lowest number tag you can, with the best tag being #1. You challenge someone, then if you beat them, you switch tags with them and you try to work your up to the number one tag.  

New year, new deal. We are going back to the way we did things the first year (2004), which means.....  METAL TAGS!  $20 entry fee. 100% of that money goes to the final payout. We'll do some cash payout to gold taggers (1-10), maybe a trophy for the top couple finishers and everyone that didn't cash and has a tag is eligible for a raffle.  Bag tag awards will  be given at the very end of the regular club meeting & elections on Nov. 10, 2007. Must be present to win, must have tag!

Charles Parsons is selling the tags and is at most local disc golf events so contact him to purchase your tag. gsdg

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