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2008 bag tag
What is a bag tag challenge? How does it work?

There are a whole list of rules, but basically, a bag tag challenge consists of many individuals buying numbered tags to display on their disc golf bags. The object is to work your way to the lowest number tag you can, with the best tag being #1. You challenge someone, then if you beat them, you switch tags with them and you try to work your up to the number one tag.

Some details are yet to be worked out so check back here to see any updates.
Here are some details for this year.

  • $20 entry fee, metal tags.
  • The club is sponsoring 100% of this event and has purchased 50 tags. If we sell all 50 tags there will be $1000 in the prize pool.
  • Charles Parsons is the contact person for the bag tag.
  • The season starts Jan. 12th, 2008 at the winter series event at Julia Davis Park.
    • The initial tag order will be determined by your final score at the JD event or all players who have bought in (divisions donít matter).
    • You can buy in at the JD event before it starts or during the break by paying Charles.
    • You cannot buy into the initial distribution after your rounds are done (when you know your final score), you must do it either before the event starts or during a break.
    • After the initial tags are distributed, you can buy the next number available anytime.
  • The ending date for the bag tag challenge is TBD (to be determined), but will be no later than November 1st.
  • The bag tag awards will be given out after the club meeting on November 1st. You must be present and have your tag to collect.
  • Payouts will be cash for the gold tags and raffle prizes for all the silver tag holders who are present.
  • The cash payouts will be based on the latest PDGA payout table for the ten gold tags.
  • The amount of cash available to pay the gold tags and to use for raffle prizes will be based upon number of tags sold and therefore is TBD.

Two rule changes of note for this year:

Any number can challenge any other number. There is no longer a restriction that requires you to be within 10 numbers of the player you are challenging.

Tags are sold to players under the condition that they must be availiable to accept challenges at a course within the Treasure Valley area.
Charles Parsons is selling the tags again this year and is at most local disc golf events so contact him to purchase your tag.

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