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2008 bag tag

Two rule changes of note for this year:

Any number can challenge any other number. There is no longer a restriction that requires you to be within 10 numbers of the player you are challenging.

Tags are sold to players under the condition that they must be availiable to accept challenges at a course within the Treasure Valley area.

Printable copy of bag tag rules in PDF format.
Bag Tag Rules

Entry fee is $20
Any new player may sign up at any time throughout the year, but will have to start at the next available tag and work their way up.

  1. Conduct yourself within the spirit of the competition.
  2. You must carry your tag with you at all times and display your tag where it can be easily seen. Concealing your tag is not allowed. Tags must be present to accept or issue a challenge.
  3. If a player refuses a valid and legal challenge, please report the incident right away to any member of the GSDG Board of Directors. Any violation of the rules may be subject to having his tag revoked or restart at the last # available.
  4. Challenges must be accepted from any tag holders no matter what the number of the challenger is (i.e. tag #50 can challenge tag #1 at any time).
  5. When you arrive at any tournament, you subject yourself to being challenged by another tag holder. It is mandatory to accept challenges in this case, even if you have already issued your own challenge, it then becomes a multi opponent challenge. You may have challenges on 3 different scorecards at one time during tournaments. You can have one or more on your card; these are automatic; plus you may issue a challenge and you may accept another challenge outside of your card. The order of settling of multiple challenges is as follows: on your scorecard, next is the challenge that was issued or accepted first from outside your card, and last to be settled is the last one that was issued/accepted. First issued / accepted, first settled. For example, you first issued a challenge to a buddy on another scorecard, and later you accepted a challenge from another friend. You also have a challenge(s) going on your scorecard. You have to settle with your scorecard first, and then you settle with the first one you issued then the one you accepted since it was last.
  6. During a tournament, a bag tag challenge is automatic anytime 2 or more tag holders are together on a scorecard. All challenges from your scorecard precede any challenge from another card and you settle the tags within your scorecard before determining challenges off your scorecard. With 3 or more challenges on a scorecard, the lowest score of the group gets the lowest tag available within the group. Tie scores during a tournament result in the lowest tag number keeping their tag, no playoffs required during tournament play.
  7. A player does not have to accept a challenge in a final nine or playoff of a tournament event.
  8. You may not refuse a challenge during a casual round, provided you were going to play, and your round has not been started. A challenge can be avoided if you are in the middle of a round or if you are leaving the course.
  9. You canít play back-to-back challenge rounds against the same player or in a multi-opponent match with the exact opponents. A player canít challenge you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again Ė unless in a tournament you are grouped together (automatic challenge). He must either wait for 1 week, or one of you must play a challenge round with someone else, whereupon he could challenge you again.
  10. Groups of 3 or more tag-holding players playing a casual round have the option to toss their tags into play with the lowest score taking the lowest tag number tossed in. The tags should be redistributed in the order of finish for the challenge round. Tie scores result in the player starting with the original better tag getting the best tag available among the tied players.
  11. Phone / Email Challenges: Each player who enters the Bag Tag Challenge will have access to a contact list of playerís names, email address (if any), and phone numbers. At any time during the challenge season, you may obtain a new list of players from the website. You may call a player for a challenge any time of the week. The player who receives the challenge gets to pick the course and whether it will be stroke play or match. The player who gets challenged will give the challenger 2 dates he can make within a 1-week period to get the match completed or lose his tag to the challenger. If the original challenger canít make the 2 dates given, the challenge is void and both players can look for new challenges. If a challenge has been issued and accepted, neither player can play in another challenge until the first has taken place. The original challenger can withdraw a challenge at any time before the match starts.
  12. Play continues in all weather except lightning. Lightning voids the round. Players get their starting tag back. All other DNF (Did Not Finish) rounds regardless of cause (including injury) leaves the player with the DNF losing the challenge.
  13. If you physically lose your bag tag (lost, stolen, dog ate it, etc), you have 3 options; purchase a replacement tag with the same number you lost for $20, buy the next available tag number for $10, or drop out of the bag tag challenge (you canít be in the challenge without a tag). There will be no refunds of entry fees for lost tag or dropping out of challenge.
  14. At the end of the bag tag season, you keep your tag as a memento. Any awards will be given out at the end of the bag tag challenge season.

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