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  New this year: Bag Tag League - every Thursday 5:45pm at Ann Morrison DGC.

Begins March 19 and ends September 24.
This league is free to any and all club members with a bag tag.

The final bag tag event is October 17th at the Bogus Basin Bash.

  Contact Rick Kapalko for Bag Tag sales and information.

Club Members may purchase a metal numbered BagTag to display on their disc golf bags. Once purchased, all BagTag activities carry no additional cost.

Since BagTags get exchanged (below) regularly throughout the calendar year, BagTags are a fun way to rank your play against other club members; as well, display your Club support. Since only Club members have BagTags, they may substitute for your Club Membership card. Itís best to carry your BagTag whenever you have your discs.

EXCHANGES: There are three ways to exchange BagTags with other players: (i) at weekly BagTag challenges, (ii) at non-PDGA sanctioned events, and (iii) at any other mutually agreeable times. In each case, the player with the better score gets the lower BagTag number. Ties go to the player whom already had the lower number BagTag.

1. Weekly BagTag league play. Between Mar 12 and Sep 24, every Thursday evening is the weekly BagTag challenge at Ann Morrison. At 5:45pm BagTags get turned in and everyone plays a normal round of 20-Hole Ann Morrison. For the ShotGun start at 6:00pm, players are grouped by their starting BagTag number; therefore, you will be on a card with BagTaggers of similar number. All players are playing against each other based on raw score, so anyone can jump to lowest BagTag or drop to the highest BagTag on any Thrs. There is no Fee for this weekly event, but there may be an optional Ace pool.

2. NonPDGA sanctioned GSDG Club Events. If you are a BagTagger and you care to play a Club Event, you shall turn in you BagTag at the beginning of the event. BagTags are re-distributed, based on score, at the end of the event. Accepting this group challenge, ie submitting your BagTag for the event, is not optional. Note that an Event may be multiple rounds. Also, this does not apply to Doubles events, nor weekly (Tues) handicapped league.

3. Other mutually agreeable challenges. At any other time, two or more players may agree to a BagTag challenge. They may make any rules on any course that they want. These challenges are optional. Fun times for impromptu challenges are during casual play, any sanctioned event, or when traveling together.

CONCLUSION: The final BagTag re-distribution of the year is at the Bogus Basin Bash, Oct 17. This is a nonPDGA sanctioned Club Event, so it is not optional and BagTaggers must bring their BagTag to play in the BBB. Thereafter, all BagTag challenges are optional.

Yes, a BagTagger may achieve a low number and then not show up again at any event nor take optional chalenges, but that is just plain weird. Remember, we bought into a group of fun, not a particular BagTag number.