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Gem State Disc Golfers Summer League

Our 10th year of weeknight league starts on Wednesday, April 4th. The last night will be Wednesday, September 26th. Since it's inception, the league has strived to accomplish two main objectives; use a fair handicapping system to give all players of different skill levels a chance at winning, and introduce a wide variety of unique and fun disc golf formats to expand players range of experience.

Tentative schedule of formats we'll play is here
This how we calculate handicaps

Tee off at 6:00pm every Wednesday, sign ups are before 5:50pm, if you show up after that time, I may not be able to accommodate you and you will be left out (consider yourself forewarned). This is because some of the formats we play required advance setup (making teams, unique scorecard markups, etc.) and in the interest of starting at a time that lets us get play in the daylight we need to start on time. Play will be 18 holes and handicaps will be used whenever possible. April's play will be a "warm up" of stroke play to help establish a baseline handicap. Then each Wednesday night after that will have a different and unique format of play. This year the bag tag challenge will optional for all bag tag players during summer league season, any and all formats are acceptable as long all players involved agree.

Gem State Disc Golfers Club Members:
Entry fee: $5.00

Payout is 80% ($4) of each entry. Weekly payouts will be gross and net whenever possible. Fifty cents of each entry goes an accumulative ace pot. Several times in years past, the ace pot has reached $200 (we cap the ace pot at $200). The remaining 50 cents goes directly to the club, last year the club earned over $300 doing this.

Non-Members are welcome to play, HOWEVER
  • Non-Members entry fee is $8.00
  • Non-Members only use gross scores, not handicapped (handicaps are a membership benefit).
  • Non-Members ARE eligible to win the club ace pot. However, before they are given their winnings, $10 will be taken out for GSDG membership and they will become club members.

Membership in the Gem State Disc Golfers is only $10 per year.
Contact club officers or check website for membership application.
Print out the membership form and mail it in or bring it to league night.